One Week Until Four


One week to go until my little girls will be four years old. Hard to believe my little babies will be four, but it will happen. They are growing up and becoming such little adults already. I think they are nearly four going on twenty. My little girls are such little negotiators and really make me think they are more adult than toddler at times, however saying this they are very much still little girls who are still learning and figuring out the world.

I am busy tidying the house for guests next week, Grandma and Granddad are coming to visit and the girls are very excited that they are coming to sleepover. For the girls birthday party it is a teddy bear’s picnic theme, so brainstorming ideas for games, food, cake, and other things that might be good for the party.I have some great ideas, but don’t want it to be complicated and would rather have simple things look good.

It is very hard to believe that it has been four years since I have had the twins, it really only feels like yesterday I took them home from the hospital. How time flys. Have you been amazed at how grown up your toddler or child has become? I have, and even some times I have been told I am not needed. It is nice not to be needed but a bit of a sad sometimes, but it is a good sign that they are becoming independent and able to do more on their own. It means that this mother thing is working and the proof is kids doing things so well. Send in your comments.


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