Not hungry


Since the girls started school, they have been off their food. I have offered all sorts of things for dinner and nothing or the bare minimum gets touched. Sandwiches and lunches are coming back not eaten. This brings me to question: “What are they eating? And who’s lunch are they eating?”, because they are definitely not eating what I am giving them.  I do know that I need to have new choices for them, however this is limited by a vegemite and honey sandwich diet and extras are left and never touched. Both girls eat a good breakfast, weetbix. Maybe I need to reduce that so that they eat lunch and dinner.

I feel that the girls are just too busy to eat? So many things to do and see, don’t have time to eat. Is this it? It makes me wonder, when they come home they say they are hungry. So I give them something before I give them dinner, say a yoghurt and then they don’t eat anything after this. Very annoying. I have had screaming temper tantrums telling me that they are hungry and they are not tired and please mummy I don’t need to go to bed!!!!

Before you think I am a big meany poo. I gave them several things to eat and nothing got touched. I thought that they might not be that hungry so left it for ages on the table so the girls could go back and pick at it. I feed them some milk in the hour before bed and they still carry on that they are hungry. I have taken this as a delaying technique and if mummy thinks we are hungry we can stay up. Told them that if they did not eat the sausages, cheese, and beetroot then they are not hungry and it is bed time. Lillian was falling asleep in my arms tonight and also yesterday. There is no way that they are not tired. I suppose Julia and Lillian are trying to convince me otherwise, cheeky monkeys.

Does your child not eat if they are too busy or involved? I suppose that this will sort itself out, when the girls are hungry they will eat.  I need inspiration for more lunch box ideas and dinners for the girls. If you have any thoughts, send them my way. We can all share and benefit out of others ideas.

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