Nana I don’t like you anymore


Mum has been helping me with the girls. Today she said that she would mind them while I went to a spa to get my hair, nails and feet done. Nice, did accept and no arguements there.  We all went to Parramatta Westfield and parked the car. Mum was going to entertain the girls and I went off to the day spa.

In hindsight should have had mum and the girls stay home and I go off to the spa. Suggested it but mum said that she thought it would be fine.

The spa took forever to get to do anything and the staff did not do anything in a hurry. So it just took ages. I was so worried about how mum and the girls were going, it was hard to relax. Nice to not have to deal with the kids, but it was just hard to think relaxing. Oh well, I sms’d to see how things were going and mum and the girls were playing in the park outside.

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