My Pregnancy Fears Revealed


I have spoken to many women about their pregnancy journey, and then their birth stories. Most of the things that they dreamt or thought about never actually happened.

While at Problogger last year (Alexander was eight months when I attended Problogger in 2016. I was having a funny conversation with other bloggers and the topic of my fears and worries while pregnant with baby three was discussed.)

New born baby - This cutie is looking very relaxed and has no idea about all the drama that went on before they were born.

New born baby – This cutie is looking very relaxed and has no idea about all the drama that went on before they were born.

When I was pregnant with the twins I had horrible thoughts. I watched a film when I was about five months pregnant and I ended up having terrible dreams. Now, this film was a horror film and just horrible really. One scene had a person put on a tea trolley or hospital trolley (never sure what to call them). In the film, this person met a terrible end and I found it hard to watch.

My dream was being on this trolley as a pregnant woman with twins. They were then trying to tell me that the babies were coming and if they didn’t come they would take matters into their own hands. I was shackled to the trolley and it was uncomfortable, scary, and freaky. They were going to cut me open to save the babies. I of course was screaming, NO! They are not ready. It is too early and stuff like this.

The room I was in was like the bottom of a hospital that was all tiled and not kept very clean at all, it also reminded me of some shows that use disused railway stations as it looked rather like those.

I woke very upset and was thankful it was a dream. Maybe horror films when pregnant is not a good idea!

Flash forward to being pregnant with Alexander and I had all sorts of concerns. They were the following:

  1. Due to having one baby, this child will be HUGE and be horrible to have.
  2. Since I thought that this child might be enormous I would need a C-Section.
  3. The baby would not be head down and cause issues.
  4. I knew that the baby was due on the 7th of January and had no idea that he would come exactly on his due date. I did have thoughts that I might have a New Year’s Day baby and be on the front page of the local paper.


“Local woman gives birth to the biggest baby on New Years’ Day 2016”.

 As you can see I still was panicked about having a HUGE BABY!

Scans did show that my third child was indeed on the small side. This however did not relieve my very active imagination and concern.

I was fully aware that this was only one baby this time. This baby could spread themselves to every corner of my insides and be a record weight. I know… I was so fixated on the baby being too big.

I did have my reasons to be freaked out about the birth.  The first birth (with the twins) was not fabulous and mind you birth is not pleasant on any level.

The midwifes at the local hospital kept on insisting due to age that certain things would happen and that it might be classified as a high-risk pregnancy. Oh, how silly I thought.

I have already had a high-risk pregnancy with twins and all was well. I do understand things can change but why freak out the mum to be with what ifs. I ended up having a very healthy pregnancy and all was well with our third little person.

If help or intervention was needed to save the baby or myself I would have not stood in their way, however if it is not needed and all is well, then I say let nature decide when the baby comes and don’t intervene.

Maybe the hospital helped with my visions of horrible things happening while pregnant? I think they contributed in a small way. Wanting me to be induced for no actual reason, saying that I will develop gestational diabetes due to age I’m sure was not helpful. For the record, I had my third child naturally on his estimated due date and was lucky not to get gestational diabetes.


All my concerns were unfounded.

My baby was tiny compared to what my brain thought it would be.

This is what happened. I had a normal to smaller sized baby that was very healthy. Lucky nothing went wrong and all my fears were unfounded.

This is what happened. I had a normal to smaller sized baby that was very healthy. Lucky nothing went wrong and all my fears were unfounded.

All the scans kept on saying how small it was going to be, however, I could not tell myself that this would be the case. I was freaking myself out.

It also could have been the fact that my second pregnancy with Alexander lasted longer than my first. The twins were born at 34 weeks and 2 days. Alexander came exactly at the 40-week mark. This meant more time to grow. More time for anything else to happen… I did not know but I knew that anything past 34 weeks was overdue for me.


Did you do this?

Are you currently pregnant and freaking yourself out?

What is the weirdest thought or dream that you have had while pregnant?

I just want to say that all the things that you are thinking could happen will most likely not happen so just relax and enjoy the day. Enjoy the time being pregnant if you can, and if you are able take a nap. You might be too busy soon to rest so get in now. Although this might be hard if you are working or have other children.

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