My Ninja Moves


When the baby is asleep I try and be super quiet. I must say that trying not to make a sound is very hard indeed and even harder when you live in an old house.

The floor creaks, the doors too and so does the bed when you roll over and even get in and out of it.

I carefully step on certain floor boards and not others.

Howard from The Big Bang Theory showing Bernadette how to avoid the squeaky floor by doing his very clever obstacle course.

Howard from The Big Bang Theory showing Bernadette how to avoid the squeaky floor by doing his very clever obstacle course.

When I get to a certain point of the hallway and near enough to my door I hold onto the door frame and quietly jump across to the carpeted floor.

I don’t think this is a silly way to get to my bed and room, but hubby recently watched me in full ninja mode and he was finding it rather hilarious.

Even on a recent episode of the Big Bang Theory, Howard notices that the floor in Halley’s (Bernadette and Howard’s baby) room is squeaky and makes a lot of noise. He is unable to enter Halley’s  room without the possibility of waking her. Raj and Bernadette think of ideas that will allow Howard to enter Halley’s room without touching the floor. (See it is not just me that is having the same thoughts). I know some of these ideas are not good ones but worth a look and a laugh.

I even think that the baby has a sensor.

The baby even knows when I have crept into my bed and magically put my head on the pillow.

It seems like this is the moment that he screams the place down and sounds like he is possessed by demons when he does. Yep horrible timing all round.

I have been thinking it is a conspiracy against me. I cannot do anything without someone yelling, screaming or hurting themselves. Yes everywhere I turn lately there has been a drama.

Due to the constant drama of the house I have been really trying to maximise my sleep and down time. This means more creeping around to ensure that the house does not give my presence away.

You might wonder how Howard resolved his issue about Halley’s noisy floor. Well it all got fixed, well by fixed all was good if you were happy to do an obstacle course. Not practical but very funny.

I’m not going to go to the crazy solution Howard did on the Big Bang Theory and for now I will just do my crazy stepping on certain floor boards and trying to jump onto the carpet in my room quietly so not to wake anyone up.

I even have strange thoughts that moving the sheets or turning over in bed might signal the baby to wake up. Would it be too loud?

Don’t worry I still think I can hear a crying baby while I’m in the shower and there is no baby crying.

Do you have an old house? Do you try not to walk on floorboards so that they don’t creak and wake the baby or kids?

Does your hubby or partner think you a bit odd for your silly mission impossible moves? Mine does, but if the baby wakes I will be dealing with it so ninja moves it is.

I need to be in stealth mode to make sure that he stays asleep.

What about you? Let us know.

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