Moody Mornings


This morning kids were yelling and screaming. I entered their room to find both girls fighting over space in Julia’s bed. Last night they were both sleeping together, cuddling and sharing the same pillow. This is nice, however it creates issues. Lillian ended up taking over and leaving Julia no room. I put Julia in Lillian’s bed and a good night sleep was had, until the early morning screams this morning. Julia was most likely trying to claim back ownership of her bed, and Lillian did not want to budge. Why can’t they just sleep in their own beds!

So after we exited the bedroom and dealt with this argument I thought it might all be over, well at least for this morning. I was wrong!  Fights over toys, chairs and other things. Gosh and it is not even 9am yet. I am grateful that they are off to school today. Maybe they can burn energy there and when home they can just relax. I can live in hope. I hear you all laughing at this, yes I know it is not going to happen. 🙂

Both girls have had adequate sleep, although they are acting like they are tired. Maybe it is just a lot of activity at school and big days wear them out. Does this happen to you? I am finding we are getting more moody days and issues. Is it due to each child becoming more of an individual? Is it due to sharing things and parents all the time, this could be a part of it.

I really think both girls are trying to compete with each other, and not sharing is creating more problems. However this is all normal for their age and it is a stage that all kids and parents go through. This stage is exhausting and sometimes I wish I could just skip this stage altogether.

One site that comments on these types of behaviour is Totally Childcare, they have an article called, “Difficult Children – Moody, Disobedient, Naughty“, I think some of their points are good, see what you think.  Some articles that I have seen on the Internet suggest that there might be other issues, this might be so but not in our case.  I believe that it is down to kids not getting their way and reacting. What are your thoughts. Do you have some days that the tantrums start early?  How does this affect you as a mother? What are the magical ways that you deal with these moody and naughty issues. Send in your comments. Remember to vote for us for Best Australian Blog.


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