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Currently I am using a Google Nexus 7 and wireless keyboard to write this post, and did the other one yesterday. I am still ironing out kinks to make it all a seamless exercise and it is still a struggle as nothing beats your own home desktop computer.

Even though I love my home based computer nothing beats being mobile with a new tablet and keyboard. The Nexus and keyboard allowed me to take notes in summer school for my final subject at university if you don’t know I am nearly finished a Master’s in Project Management and very keen to complete. Not long go!

The only things that are driving me insane is the lack of options that I normally get on my home based desktop and the fact that it is a pain to transfer images as I have so many to choose from. It is a great to have Dropbox to allow me to upload pictures and add them to the hard-drive of the Nexus. It might have something to do with slow Internet at home we are lucky to have very fast Internet. I am obviously used to the fast pace and get annoyed at anything less.

I am going to be trying to write some blog posts for one of the websites that I write for and crossing fingers it all works out. I just need to see if the word document software on this device will save well and allow me to add pictures to send to the editors of the site. We will see.

Have you gone away and taken mobile technology with you? Has it worked or was it a pain in the arse. Currently I have been quite annoyed with things as I was unable do what I have normally do

ne at home, but I am sure that once I come more familiar with the Nexus and the applications that I am running it might become more seamless. Tell me your stories? What has happened to you if you have done this?

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