Merry Christmas


It really doesn’t feel like it going to be Christmas Day tomorrow. I do feel extremely exhausted and hanging for the holidays, maybe this is due to all the stress and uncertainty that 2020 has brought.

The kids especially my four-year-old and very soon to be five years old is so excited for Christmas. He’s been singing made-up Christmas songs and doing fun dances around the house and also out in public. I am sorry to all the people that were at Woolworths the other day when my little boy went into Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer at the top of his lungs! Yes, that was us… and cmon it is the festive time of year so this loud vibrant Christmas cheer should be forgiven right….. Well, there were a few people that were giving me horrible looks and tut-tutting at this situation.

Presents are under the tree, and we are waiting for Santa

I hope Santa brings you some wonderful surprises and you spend wonderful relaxing time with the family.

Happy Holidays.

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