Melbourne Bound


Got up at 6am, had breakfast, watched part of my show, had a shower, actually put on makeup, packed the final things for my bag. As soon as I was about to sit down to have a coffee (and actually watch the rest of my show – now we are watching Sesame Street) Lillian woke up, then Julia. Oh well at least I have all the other things organised. How good does it feel to be ready and not running around!

Now the reason for my early rise and bag packing is I am off to Melbourne for the night, I know very glam and fun! I cannot wait. We were lucky to get part of the flight on frequent flyer points and the rest was a cheap ticket, thank god for airlines lowering costs. It has worked well for us.

My day off and night is going to be wonderful. I just love going to the airport and it will be even better as I will be able to go off and do my own thing, the many things I am looking forward to today are: reading my notes for university (I know boring but an essential thing to do as quiz is next Monday), looking at shops without kids touching everything, have a drink or some food without having to rush or get something other little people might like but never eat.

Dinner tonight is the one event that I am really looking forward to but also being on a plane is a highlight for me, sounds silly but I find it exciting. Do you love flying? Have you managed to get away for even a day or a weekend?

One thing that is a bit sad is that it is only for a short time, but even though a short trip it is a nice, much needed break. Thank god for my lovely mother who is going to mind the twins while I am away, without her I would not be able to do this, just good timing all round.

Are you planning a short trip without the kids? How excited are you about it? I am super excited, I know it is funny but I find I cannot wipe the grin off my face. It might not be a grin on my face when I say goodbye to the kids at the station but will try and be strong, it is only a night away. I will see them tomorrow. Send in your comments.

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