Looking At Things Differently


The other day one of my girls asked what fog was again. I replied saying, “It is low lying cloud” Both girls said, Oh yes that’s right it is cloud. We forgot!

Foggy Day in the Blue Mountains

Foggy Day in the Blue Mountains

One of the girls then said the following:

“That fog is lazy mummy! It does not want to go into the sky and would rather be on the ground! Lazy Fog!”

Maybe she is right? Fog could be the lazy clouds that want to lie about and do nothing? The clouds that are in the sky are achievers and go getters? Maybe the clouds that are fog are just taking a well deserved break? Everyone needs time out don’t you think? This announcement that their is lazy fog made us all giggle and laugh for a while. It was a very funny moment.

Have you had moments that you have looked at things differently? The child who told me about the lazy clouds asked if she was right. I did not have the heart to tell her that her theory might not be 100% and thought it was a clever way to explain it.

What has changed your thinking or view on things? Was it something your little ones said? Or your partner/friends. Let us know.


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