Leave home or Stay till Wed?

What a lovely wedding ring. Image courtesy of Boykung at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What a lovely wedding ring. Great piece of bling! Image courtesy of Boykung at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Did you stay at home until you were married? Did you leave home and experience the world and then get married? There is no right or wrong, it is what you feel happy and comfortable doing.

The question has been put in the headlines by our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. He has told Kevin Rudd that his three daughters are living at home until they are wed. Well that is rather old fashioned but that is up to you, or more so up to the daughter/daughters in question.

They might be happy to stay at home before marriage. There is no rent at home, meals are cooked for you, laundry done and generally less overheads. A win all round for the child really. I for one did stay home until my early 20’s and then moved out. I did pay rent to my mother to help out, but wanted to venture out on my own. I was paying rent at home so why not pay rent for my own place.

Leaving home was not something I did to upset anyone or to rock the boat. I just wanted to be on my own, have my own life and adventures before I met someone and got married or lived in sin without marriage. I think you would say that my belief system differs a bit from our Prime Minister.

I wonder what would happen if one of his daughters shocked the family and moved out with the boyfriend. I know not likely but you never know. Would this then be news? It is really up to the individual what they do and if you do intend to stay at home that is fine. You might be trying to save for the first house, paying off or working on the uni degree or saving for the overseas trip. They are all valid reasons for staying at home longer. Living in Sydney and some other areas are pricey so if your parents can help you get a head start, why not.

Did you stay at home until you married your love? Did you think that was a silly ask and decided to go off have wonderful magical adventures? You don’t have to race into marriage or a relationship, However I do believe that being on my own helped make me more independent, and the person I am today.

What are your thoughts? Do you want your kids to stay at home until they are married? Or are you counting the days till they move out?

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