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We live in a small house. It is fine and suits our needs. However we do require more space for the kids, more storage as this house has none (this makes it terribly hard as we want to keep some things but need to remove items to make a small house more liveable), and as a growing family we feel that we would like to have more room.

I know other people make do with a small house, no storage and just what we have and have more than 2 children. We are lucky that our house is affordable and we are lucky that we are able to live in an area that is cost effective for us. That said, yesterday there was an article about a family who has 15 children. Yes you read that right. 15 kids, I’m not sure that I could do 15 but if that is what makes you happy and you are able to sort it all out that is great. However I do believe I might have a breakdown if I was in charge of 15 children. At times my two test me to my limits so cannot imagine how 15 would push my buttons.

Maybe I am not the right person to ever have 15 children, and two is just right for me? I have considered having another so that would make it three and who knows it might be three and four if I am lucky to be blessed with another set of twins. Who knows it could happen, not sure but you never know. I planned on having one child before and I got 2. I was very lucky to have the twins as my first kids, just amazed and delighted with how it turned out.

After reading the article about the family with the 15 kids, it stated that they are in the same house that they moved into when first married. The husband has only added an extra three bedrooms to their original two bedroom cottage. So me and the hubby wanting a bigger place with space and storage makes me sound entitled to more but not deserving. We only have two kids and there is two adults. Our house is fine for us but not sure how it would be with more children if we were ever so lucky to do it again. (Not happening at the moment)

It makes me feel greedy that we want a bigger space, when a larger family is in a house that is not that much bigger, well a little as it has now five bedrooms and we only have three; However in the article it mentions that they still only have one bathroom and toilet. We are lucky that we have one main bathroom with a toilet and a second toilet in case someone is in the main bathroom. This is a great addition as there have been times that we really need this, I cannot imagine having to share with 15 kids, this I feel would be a challenge.

I have also looked at what this large family have done with the space they have and it makes me feel grateful for what we have. We don’t need much more in the scheme of things. It would be nice to finally be building our new house, but we are well, happy and fine in the one we have at the moment. So other than wanting the start of the new house to happen soon, not having the bigger house is not a big deal really, just a bit of a pain with not having places for things. What do you think?

I’m sure it is what you get used to and I don’t know if I could get used to it. Could you? Do you have a large family? Send in your comments.

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