Kindy Presentation Day


Today the girls have their presentation at school. The kids have been practicing for weeks and weeks, singing songs, and getting everything just right. I am so excited for them and cannot wait to see what they have been preparing and practicing for.

My wrinkled invite to the twins kindy presentation. It was in their bag, and crumpled.

My wrinkled invite to the twins kindy presentation. It was in their bag, and crumpled.

So what is the presentation about? Well it is the end of Kindy for the twins. Yesterday I got their final report for the year and they did so well, hubby and I are so proud of them.

I have been told that they will be singing songs and from teachers I have found out that they get a certificate for completing Kindergarten. Although not technically over, it is close. The last day I believe is the 18th of December so I have another week or so left of the kids at school. Then we are on holidays! I dream of sleeping in but I fear that they will be more inclined to wake earlier.

Why is it that I have to wake them from deep sleeps to get to school but this is not repeated on weekends or holidays?

I have tidied up my iPhone a bit to help me have some room to take video and pictures of the kids at their presentation day today. Hubby is unable to be there due to work commitments so I will have to take enough footage to help him be there when he watches it.

I cannot believe how much the girls have grown up this year. I do see my little kids still but they are such big girls. Yesterday there was a Christmas Stall at the school so the kids could purchase pressies for mum, dad and other relatives without them knowing what it was. Most came home wrapped but Lillian had one that was not. She was so excited about her purchase she was practically telling me what it was. I still don’t know what it is, other than it smells nice and it is purple. So I am happy to wait for the surprise on Christmas Day.

I gave her Christmas paper, scissors and sticky tape to wrap her secret gift. She then locked herself and her sister in the living room to do the secret wrapping business! The kids pressies to us are the only ones under the tree at the moment. It is wonderful that they are so excited and grown up now to get gifts by themselves.

What have you been invited to at the school due to the term ending? Do you help out? Has it been a nice lunch or tea for a thank you? Let us know what has been happening with you. How is your kids faring with the year ending? Are they excited to move to the next grade? Mine are and of course more excited about Santa coming and the holidays, but grade one is a big deal.


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