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I found it much easier when the kids still slept during the day, it gave me time to get things done or even have a nap myself. Now the kids are four and soon to be five I find that I am running on empty a lot.  This lack of sleeping during the day has not happened for years now, so you can imagine that not much happens at home when kids are here.

Have you found yourself longing for the days of kids sleeping and letting you get back to things you need to get to? Sometimes it is not exciting things, just the housework, laundry or other mundane tasks, however these tasks needs to be done and I find that interruptions don’t help me.

I am the type of person that likes to get a job done not half done, but I do have a house full of half-done tasks. My plan is to tidy up and sort out all rooms so that I will be able to get stuck into more of my hobbies like sewing or building up the blog.  Do you find that now you are a parent you have some half-done projects?  Going to go mad and de-clutter, I know, I must be sick or could just be over it all! 🙂

Next year will be a different year again. I will have two kids in big school (Kindy at the local primary school), yes my little babies will be big school kids soon, both girls are excited and cannot wait. How grown up they are becoming.  Rather than three days of time out next year I will have five days, however they will be school days but that is still great. Five days. I hope that I will use my time wisely! A lady I know had great plans this year as her son has started Kindy also. She has not got to any of her plans and is getting frustrated about the fact that not much has changed.

My girlfriend also shared that there is a lot more involvement at the school and many pieces of paper that come from the school for things to do or be involved with. Gosh, maybe my time will be taken with the school rather than planning for my grand plans and schemes? I’m sure I could help at the school and do a bit for me also. I suppose I will see as it is not happening yet and it is next year so a while away. Have you managed to get more done with kids in Kindy?

The girls are now at the stage where we are getting constant questions about everything! I must say it is exhausting but pleased that they are so curious. I am also finding the fact that they want more one on one time with mummy a bit difficult when I am on my own during the week. I have tried saying that if I give you some time with mummy then the other child will need some one on one time as well. This worked well the other day. One child sat on my lap for cuddles and then the other was on the other lounge and was very content. We swapped hours later and all was well. Let’s hope that this keeps up this way. It does get hard when they fight the other one off as they want mummy for themselves. Does this happen to you?

How do you cope with one on one time when it is just you at home? I do find it hard sometimes. Send in your tips.  Are you keen to sort out the house for future projects for you? I will be going through a de-clutter list for all the house and will work room by room. Not sure how long it will take but keen to get started. Most of this work will have to happen while kids are at school, so next week I will go for it!  Maybe if the kids would have a nap I could start today, no luck with that and I would have better luck winning the lotto.

PS. I am inspired by the Organised Housewife and her de-clutter challenge.

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