Imagination helped by Recordings


When I was little I had a book and record for “Peter and the Wolf” (I think it was this version but I am not sure as it was a long time ago). I loved the idea of listening to the story and just had the most amazing time. I can remember it now, how magical it felt listening to the story and turning the pages of the book while the record played. Sometimes I just listened to the record and left the book as I liked to imagine what it was like in my head. I have probably given away my age by mentioning the record, oh well, let’s move on.

While watching “Charlie and Lola” the episode called, “I Want to Play Music Too” is about putting a story to music. It reminds me very much of listening to “Peter and the Wolf” when I was younger. I know it is different but it is strange how things remind you of other things no matter how remote it is.

Did you have a book or toy as a child that you still think of today? I would love to get the record and book for the girls but we don’t have a record player. Maybe there is a recording of Peter and the Wolf that is digital? The problem is that I would know it when I heard it but I don’t want to purchase it if it is the wrong one. It would be good to hear a sample of the recording before purchasing.

I don’t know if it is me but I loved the way it made me imagine the story having the record of the story. The music, the sound effects just added to my idea of what it would be like. Closing my eyes and listening was just wonderful. Do kids still think this is magical or was it a different time? Is it now considered boring? Would my kids think it was great also or just not that exciting if they had it also?

We have something similar with books called Rosie’s Walk and also the Winky Wonky Donkey. Both books came with a cd and we read the book and listened to the story as well. The girls liked it but I am not sure it was like my experience as a kid. Let me know if you have had the same experience as a child, have your kids enjoyed listening to stories? Send in your comments.

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