If The Strain Was Real Life


I love syfy, drama and horror shows, but one that does the lot is the new show called “The Strain”. This show is not for kids and we watch it when we know the twins are asleep.

So what is The Strain?

The Strain follows Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and his team from the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) as they are tasked with investigating a mysterious viral outbreak. The virus affects all passengers on a Boeing 767-300ER that lands at JFK airport. It stops on the tarmac when it was supposed to be taxiing to their destination at the airport. The windows are all closed and all passengers appear to be dead or so it seems. Four passengers are found alive although affected by this weird and unexplainable virus.

On the plane it carried a large wooden box or more like a coffin. In this coffin was dirt and in the dirt was worms. The worms carry the infection and the infection morphs the body of the host (the people) into a vampire like creature.  Dr Ephraim Goodweather ends up teaming up with a man called Abraham Setrakian who has seen this virus before, when in a prison camp during world war II.  Abraham has devoted his life to eradicating this evil and hunting down the master that controls the vampires.

Below is the trailer for “The Strain”


Dr. Ephraim Goodweather has a son and he has to stay with him now at all times ( I won’t spoil things if you have not watched it yet), and it got me thinking. Before the whole group went underground to attack the vampires the son got an overview on how to use a sword, told to stay close, and what to do if something bad happened.

In this episode that hubby and I watched I suggested what would it be like if it was real life and how would we fare if we had the twins with us.

So we are all in the tunnel with the twins. And this is what would happen if it was real life:

  • Each child has a sword and has been told not to drop it. They drop it several times and wake the vampires. We risk life and limb and manage to escape without being infected.
  • One child falls over their own feet or object on the ground
  • Does not remember how to use the sword
  • Does not keep quiet
  • Does not stay close to mummy or daddy and gets into trouble. This would mean more sword action and more chance of infection
  • Starts singing and alerts the vampires to our location
  • Starts dancing and bumps into the wall or falls over a vampire
  • Gets scared and starts to cry and wants to be carried through the tunnel
  • Sword to heavy for child, you end up holding onto it plus all the other teddies they have decided they cannot carry (why are you always the packhorse!)
  • Child not listening to you and you end up having to raise your voice and then alerting the vampires to your presence
  • Child or children have a tantrum which of course does not help and makes the vampires turn on you
  • Afraid of the dark and stays still not helping you move through the tunnel
  • Looses their favourite toy and then has a HUGE MELTDOWN. Which means exiting the tunnel quick smart is an URGENT PRIORITY! Not sure if it will happen but we will try.

I am sure that we are safe from a vampire invasion and an infection like that of “The Strain” but looking at my list I think our minutes would be numbered and we would be infected in no time.

Do you look at television shows and wonder what it would be like if it was real life? Hubby and I had a big giggle about it, and I am glad it is all make believe. I would not be laughing if it was real, and glad it is just a television show.

What show do you watch that you have a list similar to mine. Let us know and we can all have a giggle. Send in your comments.


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