Ice Boats


Last week the girls and I were watching Play School, in the episode they did craft. I don’t know if you are like me, but when these crafty segments are in the kids programs I cringe and wait for the barrage of questions and pestering, “Can we do that mummy?”  So with this craft idea on play school I said yes. The girls were very excited and happy, so next morning we got started and it did not take long.

Ice Boats - Perfect fun for kids.

Ice Boats – Perfect fun for kids.

As you will see from the pictures the girls loved it and had a ball. So what is ice boats? Well, it is really simple.

  1. Get plastic containers, food dye, blu-tack, straws/sticks and you can create flags for your boats if you want to. We did not but that would be the next step.
  2. Once you have your container, add some tack to the bottom of it.
  3. Stick your stick/straw into the tack to make sure it is not going to move.
  4. Mix the water and colour of choice from the food dye in a mixing jug.
  5. Pour coloured water into plastic container.
  6. Put in freezer to set.
  7. You might want to have a bit of room so your sail does not snap off.
  8. When taking the ice boat out of the container, I had to put some hot water around the bottom so it would slide out easily.
Playing with the boats before they melt.

Playing with the boats before they melt.

Now you have kids in bath, and they are getting clean while also having fun, plus you have done some craft time with them also. Bonus points all round.

Do you dread the crafty things on kids television programs? Does it put pressure on you to be really crafty too? I know the feeling, especially with two keen kids who want to get involved and messy to boot. I am hoping to find more crafty things that I can do with the girls while they are on school holidays, and it has started today. So project tire kids out has started in ernest.

Send in your tips and tricks and then maybe I might have some more crafty ideas to try out these holidays.

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