I want to do a pooh mummy


I  know too much info about bodily functions but it is exciting that the nappies soon might be a thing of the past.  Julia tonight insisted on going on the big big toliet as she calls it before bed. She was very insistant on doing a pooh. She did a wee wee, but after about 20mins nothing happened.

The only activity that seemed to happen was playing with toliet paper and pretending that she was busy doing things with it. I was just concerned that she did not fall off.  I sat with her for a while and then had to call it quits as Lillian was in bed and so should Julia as well. However the dilema was, maybe she would do the pooh and if I put her into a nappy maybe she would do it there rather than in the toliet.

I took my chances and told her that she can let me know to change the nappy if that happens. Seemed to work out o.k, she went to sleep and have not heard a peep out of her.

Just so pleased that she is doing this on her own. Still hoping that Lillian will follow and I am sure it will happen. I also would like more regualrity of going to the loo. Seems to happen when she wants to, not when she needs to. So early days still, however it is good that she is wanting to do it.

Mum (their Nana) has an Elmo toy that is dressed as a chicken and does the chicken dance. This will get played to them as a good job, well done congrats after they do something on the potty or on the big big toliet. We will see. Hoping that this will work.

I will keep you all up to date on the outcome. I know, maybe you can live without knowing.

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