I must wear the purple top


Why is it when you are cutting it fine time wise, one or both of your kids has an issue with something. By issue, it could be a tantrum, or hysterical reaction to mummy telling them that they cannot wear the purple top due to it being dirty.

This issue with the purple top happened to me this morning. I had about 30-40mins to get kids dressed and ready for school. I had the bags already to go, lunches as well. I just needed to get kids dressed and then all in the car. Easy I hear you say. Well it wasn’t.

Lillian decided that she wanted to wear the purple top that was very dirty. I explained that she cannot wear dirty clothes out, while this was happening Julia decided that she wanted to wear shorts. I explained that no one is wearing shorts as it is very cold and she would be freezing.

I gave Lillian 3 choices for tops. None of them she allowed me to put on her. While I tried to put them on her, she busiest herself taking them off quick smart, after ages of crying and me being very firm and some taps to her bum she decided that she needed to listen and choose a top. She allowed me fighting all the way to put on a top. I then tried to put on a jumper and she was again hysterical and did not want it. She claimed everything was itchy. Well that is news, it was never itchy before. Oh well, decided to give her another one that might not be itchy and she still complained about it being itchy, but I persisted. She needed to wear a jumper, it is very cold.

OH, what a time spent just dressing one child! That saga took over 20mins. Then I still had to dress Julia. Julia was better about it, however insisted on shorts and wanting to wear her sandals. Again, I told her that shorts and sandals were out, that she needed to dress warm as it was cold. She was much better behaved than Lillian was, but I think that is due to seeing Lillian in trouble and Julia did not want that to happen to her.

So by the time two kids were dressed in warm outfits, it was 9.05am; I need to be driving by 9.00am to get to school in time. This morning it was not bad, however I don’t like to be late. Do you have dramas getting kids dressed in the morning or to go out? Do they allow you to dress warmly for a cool/freezing day – Current temperature here is 4.5degrees, but feels like 1.2degrees. So as you can see sandals and shorts is not a good idea.  Do you have any tips or tricks to help with a hysterical child that takes off the clothes you put on her?

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  • trish van baast
    May 26, 2012

    Put the summer stuff away so they are not in sight/available. That might help.
    Check Lillian for dry skin. The cold makes my skin get dry and itchy but you are probably right about it being a delaying tactic. Don’t they want to go to school?

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