I Hope The 2022 School Year Is Unbroken


Tomorrow my little boy starts grade one and then the next day my twin girls start grade eight, yep they are growing up fast.

The last two years have been up and down with lockdowns and schools mandating learning from home. I do hope that schools stay open and that kids will have an unbroken school year. Not only is it a struggle when kids are learning from home, it is a huge strain to help kids learn while you are also working full time.

Getting ready for back to school

My children do much better when they are at school for face to face lessons. I am also not cut out for homeschooling anyone. Although last year the kids had four months learning from home, the twins got awards from school and glowing report cards. Even the youngest got awards too.

It is sad to say goodbye to the holidays and will be back to the weekly schedule yet again. There are a few things I do like when school returns, the quiet time during the day that will finally allow me to think and get a few things done. I also love the fact that all kids will be with friends, learn new things and grow.

One other good thing about kids going back to school is that they will be so tired and sleep well. Yep, too much info and to do, so mentally and physically exhausted. A win win for mummy!

The youngest is super excited to be entering stage one, now grade one. He is keen to see his mates but not keen to go to school. He told me that he wants to stay home and play with mummy. I do hope that he changes his mind and has a good day tomorrow.

The thirteen year olds were not that keen to go back but it has grown on them. They have a good group of fiends and are keen to see them again at school (although they have been hanging out during he holidays). The girls also have been lucky to get their first choices for their starter electives and are excited to experience these subjects and get a taste of what high school is really like.

The girls also have some good mates that are starting grade seven as well and I hope that they welcome them warmly to the new school and help them feel at home. When the twins started high school some of the kids that they were friendly with were not very nice at all, due to the twins being the older kids in their year they are the same age as some kids in the year above but now they are a year apart the kids in the year above didn’t want to be friends. Which of course upset my girls no end.

So as the girls know how it feels, I hope they don’t do the same to their mates that are the year below them.

As long as the schools can stay open and we don’t have homeschooling it will be a better year than the last two.

Are your kids looking forward to going back or starting school?

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