Have you forgotten how to morning?


My work office has opened back up due to restrictions easing and this Tuesday I was lucky to be able to travel into the city, see the team I work with, and experience working from the office for a change. (I am still nearly 100% remote but do enjoy the day each week in the office).

Not much you can do if you have forgotten the perfume.

I managed to get up early enough to allow a leisurely breakfast, shower, and allow for makeup and hair.

To make the morning routine easier I always have my clothes sorted, bag packed and a few essential items ready to go for the two-hour journey to the city. Yep, it is two hours each way by train. I could make it quicker by driving, but that would mean fighting with city traffic and paying through the nose for parking. I would rather sit on the train do some blogging, listen to a podcast or possibly catch up on sleep?

While on the train I got super involved in doing things on my laptop. I then realised that my Macbook needed a software update(of course it did!). I downloaded the update, then when it was all ready to install it had no room on the hard disk to install the update. Okay I thought, I would remove files and get them transferred to the cloud and then remove them from the laptop, easy really. However, while trying to do this I nearly missed the fact that I had to change trains and just got off at the right stop to get to the next train.

I decided to leave my computer issue until later, yes it can all wait. It has waited this long, what is a few more days?

While on the city train I had a silly thought. What station do I go to get my train home? Is it Wynard? No, I’m sure it isn’t. Oh wait, it is Central. I have to go to Wynard to get to Central to then get my train home. Phew! I figured it out.

You are that tired that you don’t get the coffee in the cup and fall back to sleep.
Maybe mornings are not good for anyone!

I do know how to do this! I have done it a million times. I am a city kid, I grew up in the city. I know this. However, after not being on a train for over four months, not having to be anywhere and working from home non-stop, I was troubled by the answer not coming to my head more quickly. Yes, why was I asking myself this question?

More like what is happening. It might be a while before the normal station is fully functional.

Have you had moments when you are simply wondering what to do next? I think it is because we had no pressure to do anything for months, there was no need, and we were stuck at home and in our own LGA’s (Local Government Area/Council). Now with the world opening back up again, we have to go back to the way we were, well with facemasks, social distancing and QR Codes.

One of my colleagues said that she “Has forgotten how to morning”, and I then thought that is a brilliant topic for a blog post. So thank you for the idea!

Exactly I think doing nothing and a huge holiday is in order. What about you?

This workmate said that she had no idea what to wear, what day it was and getting things organised in the mornings before lockdown. Yes, the morning routine is now null and void. Maybe it never really was a routine, maybe it was more of an organised mess and if it went well just a whole lot of luck.

Another colleague said she rolled over and asked her partner to walk the dog and rolled over and went back to bed.

Have you forgotten how to morning?

Let me know.

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