Girls Give It Your All


As a mother to girls I am making sure I show them that they can be and achieve anything they set their sights on. Being a girl has nothing to do with what they wish to achieve. If they want something bad enough they can do it.

Tonight I saw this video about #LikeAGirl. The video shows us how the term “run like a girl” is a bad and negative thing to say. I personally never thought it was that much of a put down.
I am a girl and I can run so what is the issue! I do understand that people think that due to being female you will of course not do well at things and this is a way to push you down. I don’t believe sex and achievement have anything to do with each other. You will get there if you strive towards your goals.

This is a powerful video and it does give us
insight on how little girls just don’t care and give it their all!

However the older girls and boys have been taught by society, their peers and so on that it is fine to talk to girls and to make fun of girls in this way. It is very interesting.

Let me know what you think?



I hope my little girls don’t ever lose their unique way of running, doing things and just being them. I hope they don’t act like what others perceive is what they are supposed to be. I hope they are true to them.


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