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I have 2 fussy eaters. Julia seems sometimes better than Lillian and Lillian does not eat as much as Julia; however they are just about the same when it comes to new foods and eating a family meal. I have tried so many different things, but each child does the same thing. They decide they hate it even before they have tired it. They will not try something to see if they like it. They seem to be stuck in the same foods they have eaten for ages.  I know that I need to make a bigger effort and there are times that it has just been easier to just stick with what is easy and works. However I would like to change this and make the girls have more of a range in their food and experiences.

I read with interest “The four dreaded dinner words” the essential kids article written by Dr Joanna McMillan, which is about fussy eaters. I totally agree with this article.  A while back the girls were recommended to go to a dietician at Katoomba Hospital and that was good as they helped with ideas of what the kids could eat and I could introduce. However some things I have tried quite often and it has never taken avocado, salad, peanut butter, and much more.

The girls are putting on weight well, although they are still small. I think due to them being born 6 weeks early, being twins and maybe genetically they might not be big people. I am pleased with the growth, their development, however was hoping that with this they might want to try more and explore more food options. If only they would just try a new food. I do know that you need to expose the child to the new food several times. I have tried this with dried apricots and dried banana chips in their lunch boxes, however for weeks now they just come back not touched. As they don’t eat a lot, I have figured that I will put in what they will eat and add some new things to try. This has not worked out well although I will continue.

Vegemite and honey sandwiches, Weet-bix, Nutri-Grain, milk, juice, yogurt, cheese, crackers, water, carrots, spaghetti with Bolognese sauce, chicken, ham, bread rolls, cheese, scrambled eggs, and bacon bread rolls, and things like this seem to be their staples. I feel that if one child likes one food and wants to finish it and then the other child thinks it is bad, then it influences the other. If this happens, no one will eat.

I feel that we need to go back to the dietician, for more advice. I am not sure that there is one at the hospital as the one we were seeing left, will ring to find out and see if they can recommend someone if we cannot get in there.  Do you have a fussy eater? Do you have twins who are fussy? Do they decide before they see or taste something that they will not like it? What do you do? I have taken to putting the vitamins back in the girl’s milk to make sure that they get what they need. I also think it helps ward of illness with them at school.

Send in your tips and tricks to help kids eat.

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