Floaties Days Are Numbered


Yesterday my girls started swimming lessons again. One of my girls decided that she wanted to swim without the backboard floatie on and we gave it a go, however she did her best but kept on sinking. So as you can imagine floaties are still needed. Both girls are doing all the right things to move up to the next level in the swimming lessons but the next level needs the child to be without the floatie, mine still need it.

Lillian @ swimming lessons

Lillian @ swimming lessons

Hubby and I decided that it will not take long to get them swimming without the need of a floatie or any type of floatation device so we have put them in lessons again, and it is expensive but we hope that soon it will allow the girls to not have to use the floaties.

In the lesson yesterday I told the teacher that both are keen to be done with the backboards and would like to swim without them. She said that she will concentrate on techniques and skills to help them lose it and gain confidence to swim without it.

I am proud to report that both girls swam successfully without the floaties, so that is a great first step. The kids are in what is called penguins and the next step is to be a seal. So that is what I would like, both girls to move to the seal class.

Julia @ swimming lessons

Julia @ swimming lessons

It will be interesting to see what happens with the next lesson and it was good that the teacher just had my two girls in the class. Not sure if that was the way it was supposed to be or if some kids did not turn up. I am sure we will see if it is different next week.

Do your kids swim? Have they had lessons? When did they make the break from floaties to swimming on their own? I do have video of them swimming but think it might be too big to add, so sorry about that. I also noticed that the girls very blue eyes look even more blue with the water in the background.

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  • Leanne
    February 2, 2013

    Aliyah just started swimming lessons this week again- she hasn’t been since mums and bubs classes as she would just scream when she was little and refuse to go. She loves water and swimming but not so keen on putting her head under. She went good in her 1st lessons and with goggles put her head in, so it’s a start! Lachie on the other hand loves water, not afraid to go under but since his grommets were put in, he can’t go to lessons as he won’t put a cap on his head. Hoping he will soon so he can go back to lessons

    • Suzanne
      February 2, 2013

      We went all year in 2010 for swimming lessons, but once the costs of pre-school started it was hard to do both. We decided it was needed as a good step to get them swimming on their own. Hope Aliyah likes her lessons and has fun, and also Lachie goes soon once better. Will keep you updated with our progress, let us know how you go Leanne.

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