First week of Autum


Currently we have had a cool spell in Katoomba, and probably the mountains area. I am fearing that this winter will be a very cold one. We have had so much rain and James, my husband is predicting that we will get snow this year. It would be good from the point of view that the girls will be more aware to have fun and realise what snow is, but not looking forward to it getting so cold.

Still trying to get the girls toliet trained and no luck as yet. Small steps still. Yesterday they both were telling me often that they want to go to school. I told them to go to school you need to go to the toliet on the potty. The answer I got back was, “Oh, mummy, I want to go to school”. I would love them to go to school now, but they are 2 years and 5 months, too young and still in nappies.

I am aiming to have them mostly toliet trained before 3 years of age so that they can go to pre-school. Crossing fingers. As they are 3 in September they might have to wait for the following year. I need the break during the day as they are not sleeping in the day any more so pre-school would be great to keep them occupied physically and mentally.

Heaters are on, warm blankets on this week and flannel pj’s are a must now. Not looking forward to winter if Autum is starting off this cool.  Also trying to convince little people to sit on a potty in the cold is not going to help the toliet training issue.

Stay tuned for updates on how cold it is to get.

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