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After DPCON14 and my detailed summary of the conference, I am now focused on finding my why. How would you do this? What tools and techniques would you use? At first glance I had no idea, but after looking more deeply I have decided to get serious and develop an action plan to find my why.

I mentioned this to hubby, he thinks it is all fluff and silly to be searching for this. However if you have a clear idea of your business and what you are focusing on all the rest will fall into place. If you know what areas you wish to deal in or be connected to that will help out a big deal.

Simon Sinek inspires me to find my why

Simon Sinek inspires me to find my why. Picture from Press kit @

Why is it important to find your why?

If you don’t know why you are doing things, you will not be on track and of course not have a purpose. If you know your vision and of course you’re why you will be on track and have more direction. Knowing what you want to do and of course your why, you can then make decisions that are better for you and in turn are more centered. Makes sense really, doesn’t it?  Well I think so!

Some believe that if you find out your why you can attract abundance into your life. Well that is a lovely thought, and was not my reason but if it is a result of finding my why I am not going to complain!

Some questions to ask yourself?

  • What inspires me? What makes me come alive?
  • What are my strengths? What am I good at?
  • How do I create value? What can I do that others cannot?

So how do you get to the bottom of what to do?

This is the tough part of finding your why. It would be so much easier if you could just look under a cushion or the bed and magically find your why waiting for you to claim it. Maybe if it was that easy everyone would have billion dollar companies? Having a great story is all about selling your vision, buying the story that sells rather than the products.

Maybe you can take some advice from Hunter S Thompson. He replied to a man named Hume, who lived in New York City. Hume wanted advice on finding his purpose and meaning in life. If you still want to find your why, you might want to continue on your path of own enlightenment or you can get help with this from Simon Sinek via his Why University. Yes there is a university set up to help you figure out your why!

To give you a taste of what Simon Sinek is offering at Why University you can try these podcasts out for free, “Start With Why Podcast

I am very tempted to sign up to the course as Simon and his material is so inspiring. His talk on TED did make me think a different way and see things differently as well. It is helpful having someone that can guide you and has the right way to discuss and engage with finding your why.

Finding Your Why. Image courtesy of artur84 /

Finding Your Why. Image courtesy of artur84 /

DIY Finding your Why

Don’t think you cannot do it yourself. Read books, get inspired and spend some time with just you answering the questions that were posed before. One major part of the Why University course is that for one section you need to have a partner to run things past and bounce things off. They don’t have to be your hubby or wife and has been suggested that it might be better to not have your loved one as your partner for these exercises.

Note: It is best to have someone that will not correct you, or push you in a direction. If your hubby or wife might do this it might be better to pick another person.

I hope this has helped address finding your why and give you some more resources. I am definitely going to be reading Simon’s books and checking out his websites resources, currently there are some free available.

Have you done Simon’s courses at the Why University? Were they great? Did it help you narrow down your why? Has it streamlined your business? Send in your stories.

Note: This post is not affiliated with Simon Sinek or the Why University. I am just interested in finding my why and had to share more resources and ways to do it.


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