Finally Friday


Every morning this week I have found it harder and harder to get out of bed.

I have even thought that every day was Friday or at least close to it.

Yes I thought that Monday was Friday, Tuesday was and so on. Strange but it is true.

Maybe it is wishful thinking. Maybe it is wanting the school holidays to be here now!

Fridays are not the same when you realise they are just like any other day.

Fridays are not the same when you realise they are just like any other day.

However the school holidays tire me out. All the activities to keep everyone entertained and the constant whinging does my head in.

So thinking everyday was Friday was rather silly. As a mum it being Friday really has no meaning. It used to mean that I could rest on Saturday, sleep in and relax. However with kids, Saturdays and Sundays are the same as any other day.

Don’t get me wrong. Holidays are great. Not having to be anywhere or do anything is great.

I have booked the twins into some days at vacation care. This is for two reasons. Firstly, the days that I chose for the girls vacation care has special excursions or activities. The kids will also have fun with friends, be able to run around and have fun without me telling them to be quiet due to the baby sleeping.

Secondly, while the kids are at vacation care I might be able to get a few things done. Yep I can focus on the blog, tidying up around the house and maybe have some quiet time.

I have booked the kids in some days while the baby is in daycare so that this will allow full on rest or peace for me. Not totally but it will be a nice break in the holidays.

During the two weeks of school holidays I have many fun things planned. Taking the kids to the movies, a visit to the aquarium and zoo, plus seeing Frozen on Ice.

I have mixed it up for the two week break so that it gives the kids some fun things to do, and mummy some time out as well.

Have you been thinking it is Friday? Is it due to the school holidays approaching that this is happening?

It will be good to not have to do the school run and other things in the afternoon.

Today is now Friday and I am off to get ready to go to the kids school. The girls have learnt some songs in Gundungurra for NAIDOC Week. The twins can now sing heads, shoulders, knees and toes in Gundungurra. Very impressive indeed.

What are you up to for the holidays?

Do you look forward to Fridays or is it just another day?

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