Enjoying your toddler?


Tomorrow I start the course called, “Enjoying Your Toddler”. Not sure if this course is aptly named, I have thought of alternatives. “Surviving Your Toddler”, “How to get your toddler to listen to you”, or “How to discipline your toddler”. These alternates titles is what every parent would rather call the course, although I do agree I would like to enjoy my children more, so maybe this title is the better one.

I am not sure what to expect from this course and I am keen to learn some new techniques to help deal with two wilful, stubborn, very active three year olds. Who knows. If I get one or two tips from this course it might help out and be the answer to some issues we have been facing currently.  The girls seem to be running amok and all over the place. I really think it is down to their age and the fact that they are exploring new things at school and through friends, testing boundaries at home is getting exhausting.

I will make sure to bring a notepad and a pen to take notes on any tactic that will help me out. If I do get a great tip I will let you all know, you never know it might help others as well.  Have you done any parenting courses? Have they helped? Or were they a waste of time?  If these courses were winners with you, what was the major thing that you got out of it?

Hopefully by the end of the course I will come out enjoying the kids more and have more skills to deal with issues. Thanks to Jeanette the coordinator of playgroup for bringing this course to my attention.

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