Drinking when pregnant?

Glass of Red Wine

Glass of Red Wine

When I was pregnant, I did not drink alcohol. I knew that some people said a drink here or there will not matter. I was one of those women who had waited to have kids and wanted to ensure all went well. I know things could have still gone wrong in many ways, however decided that I would give up alcohol as it is something that I could control.

According to DrinkWise Australia, there is no known level that is safe to the child. The site states that the more you drink (binge drinking especially) can be harmful to the baby. This was the same story I got at the doctors and was advised to not drink, so I didn’t.  However I can understand women who might have the odd glass of wine, or say a shandy or watered down alcohol beverage. These women might not be binge drinkers but it is their right to order a drink as long as it is in moderation, like with everyone else.   I personally would not drink, but that is my view.

In the news today, there was an article titled, “I can’t serve you. You’re pregnant”, in the Sydney Morning Herald – The story is about a woman who is pregnant and asks for an alcohol drink and was refused, due to her being pregnant. This occurred in California, so not sure if the rules are different there, and from the article I don’t think so. Makes me wonder if this has occurred in Australia? –  If it has let us know.

Refusing service due to being pregnant is an interesting one; will this become the way in the future? I just think it is discrimination, what about you? What about soft cheeses? Will I not be able to have a salad with my favourite cheese just in case it is dangerous?  Could the same be said for spicy chili dishes? If the spicy chili meals were banned, I would have been in deep trouble. I had many meals with dumplings with hot and spicy sauce. YUM would not mind some dumplings now.

It is interesting that you do get such conflicting advice. Some doctors say a drink here or there is fine and others say NO, don’t drink anything alcoholic!

Having it out with a hungry and angry pregnant woman might not be the way to go. But all joking aside, this is a serious issue, why can a complete stranger dictate what you eat/drink.  What are your thoughts? Did you abstain from alcohol when pregnant or did you have a glass of wine every now and then? Send in your comments.

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