Doing Just Enough is the New Unicorn Latte


Currently, I’m reading “The Joy of Doing Just Enough – The secret art of being lazy and getting away with it”, By Jennifer McCartney.

Basically, it’s a way to not do too much – Do less and stop worrying about all the other stuff you should have done or might have done.

So in a nutshell, do less shit.

I am a person who does more than they should. Goes the extra mile and of course, take on too much. It’s expected, isn’t it? You are capable, educated and have time so why not? Do what you can for the kids, others, and more.

However, there is a time where you need to say NO. Step back for a bit to focus on you.

I like the idea of re-adjusting your way of thinking to do enough to keep everyone happy and to have more time for you.

Doing too much and being on all the time means that you are unhappy, you get sick more often or your cold/flu never goes away!

Downtime allows you to recharge your batteries and to fully rest.

I LOVE this list above, not 10 things as it is too much, although 8 is just enough.  Perfect actually. Maybe others might point out no list at all is even more perfect!

Also, the point about anything can be spoons and that Orange Juice can work instead of milk, these made me laugh.

I think everyone is programmed to do so many things that you have so much to do that you will never sleep EVER again!

If did all my to-do list I would never sleep. What about you?

It would be wise to farm out some tasks – like cleaning, cooking and the yard work to free up some time and allow the hubby and I to stress less and to spend more time with family. However, we are not made of money and therefore this is not an option and only a dream at the moment (I am working on some ideas that might be worth a bit of money and you never know….I might be the next successful author – You can only hope right?)

Doing enough for you and others is as Jennifer McCartney says is The New Unicorn Latte.

A Unicorn Latte, in my opinion, is a mystery, not real and therefore might never happen.

However, there could be Unicorn Latte’s out there (Just because we have never seen a unicorn doesn’t mean they are not real) and if this is indeed true, you can embrace whatever you wish this unicorn to be.  You can mould your own Unicorn Latte (Sounds weird but you get the idea).

Creative, driven, passionate and so forth…and of course if you decide that you say no to some people or decide to take breaks for your health/creativity or family then that is perfectly fine.

The magical Unicorn Latte, the unicorn is sparkly due to the high amount of caffeine they constantly consume.

The magical Unicorn Latte, the unicorn is sparkly due to the high amount of caffeine they constantly consume.

This Unicorn Latte can be whoever they wish to be…it is the magical power of being a unicorn that allows you to be super mysterious and all-knowing. I think that the Unicorn Latte needs it’s own superhero theme music and voice. It could be like a guru that you seek knowledge from.

“Sorry I can’t as I just sought guidance from Guru Unicorn Latte and there is too much negative energy and I will have to decline. Thanks anyway”.

The Unicorn Latte could just be a way you would like to act and therefore follow the way of the Unicorn Latte & Teachings and then apply to your life.

I’m sure it is not just me that feels like you are racing everywhere and not getting much done. You have little time for you and what you would really like to achieve and then you wake up and do all the crazy racing around again. Yep, our frantic lives are on repeat.

Jennifer said that lazy people live longer. I was wondering if this was indeed true, and it seems it actually is:

“Laziness works. And the simple way to incorporate its health benefits into your life is simply to take a nap. A study of 23,681 Greek adults in 2007 found that those who took a siesta lived longer.” (

Have you been feeling like you take on too much? I know I have. When I have said no to things it has allowed me to rest at home for a change.

Everyone is scattered thin and it is not just an issue for parents with young children. We work longer, are always on call with our technology and stay up later and then have little to no sleep.

It is a very basic concept, rest, take care of yourself so you can take of others and do what you can in the time you have to get things done. If it is not urgent it can wait.

Now I’m going to bed for a much-needed sleep. I am still unwell and need to rest.

C’mon go to bed if you are still up and look at your schedule and Say NO to people to find more time for you. Less stress is a better outcome for everyone.

Thanks, Jennifer McCartney I’m enjoying your book and seem to be smiling most of my way through it and at times re-reading parts as you have great points on doing less.



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