Do You Holiday Alone?


The other weekend hubby and I went away for the weekend.

It was a lovely escape to the city for just the two of us.

No kids were coming!

Yes, you read that right, we finally got alone time.

Before I went away for this magical alone time (well not completely alone, I would be with hubby) I was telling another mum at the school about getting some time away for just us. She was very happy that we were finally getting away. She was as excited as I was.

This other mum then told me that in May that she is off all by herself to a retreat in Bali. Yes, she is going to a different country for a full week all by herself. This mum also has three kids and is desperate for a break also.

My dream holiday alone.

My dream holiday alone.

I was happy about our trip away for the weekend, but found myself rather envious of this mum’s trip. I wanted to do the same!   Maybe one day???? (I was excited for my friend too, and thrilled she was getting some rest and relaxation)

In the news was an article about another mum that books herself into a hotel twice a year. She does this alone! Yes another person going away all by herself!  I read this article before I heard about my mate’s trip to Bali.

The article from Essential Kids said that having a break by yourself makes this mum a better parent.  I am sure time alone would help any busy parent.

I have caught myself drooling over holidays, trips away, having fantasies about sitting on the beach sipping my cocktail while the kids are entertained in a kids club.

I would just be content in having a holiday at home as long as the following happened; I could sleep in, I would be able to do my own projects and the house was quiet. I think to get my wish list travelling somewhere else might be necessary.

The weekend away with hubby was nice and relaxing. We had a lovely dinner out on Friday night, and finally eating at a new trendy restaurant. It was a nice change to not have to factor in if the food will be okay for kids before we book for dinner.

Not being on call for others was nice, no yelling, nobody saying mumma all the time, or yelling mummy at the top of their lungs. No fights to break up and no issues to deal with. Rather peaceful actually.

Once we got home the tension in my neck and jaw started to set in. The kids started arguing, I found out they hadn’t been very good on the day we came home and then they started harassing me again about everything and nothing.

It did feel like I hadn’t been away at all.

Maybe I need to go away for more than two nights?

I think I need to look into a Bali retreat like my other friend has done. Would a week somewhere relaxing make me feel better?

Would coming home to energetic kids bring all the tension back instantly?  I seriously need to look at a week long retreat somewhere…..send in ideas people!

I know the kids were excited to see me and hubby, and this is a nice thing. Cuddles, kisses and more were greatly appreciated. The only thing that I can live without is the chaos.

Do you have time out on your own?  If so has it helped you to have more energy and feel better?

Being a full time mum and carer to three kids is exhausting. Any other job you get a holiday, however being a parent there is no sick leave, holidays or breaks.

Down time is needed, but for some a night out or weekend away might the only break they get.

I have managed to be away for a few nights for a blogging conference, basically just a weekend away and then back to mummy duties.

Are you able to manage time away just for you?

How long have you been away for? How did the kids cope without you, were they happy when you were home?

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