Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Yesterday a DVD of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast turned up in the mail, plus a lovely book for the girls, as I have one need to get another as there will be arguments – I will buy the second book, I was amazed and did not think a book would come as well. (I was tickled pink to have it all arrive, Thanks  to Disney, Mango and Mums Lounge). Mummy to Twins is a contributor to Mums Lounge and was lucky to be asked to do a film review.

The girls and I made a huge makeshift bed in the living room and curled up to watch the film, Here is the link of the review of Beauty and the Beast on Mums Lounge. Do like this film? Is it your favourite? Send in your comments.

The staff at Mums Lounge are busy toiling away to bring us a new site, it will be live soon, so stay tuned!


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