Cry, Cuddle and Repeat


Lately the house has been a mess. Things have been half done and never gotten back to. Why do you ask?

Well a crying baby that is the reason. He is needing cuddles, attention and of course for mummy to try and take the pain of teething away.

When the rare moment that he has slept during the day happens I try and do something, but he wakes and then the screaming and upset begins again.  This now means that I have to stop what I am doing and be with the baby.

I have decided to just give up for now. If I get the washing folded and put away that will be a miracle.

Also if the vacuuming and maybe other areas of the house get a good scrub and clean that also will be amazing indeed.

Sometimes having a shower without the baby waking up is winning. Yes small things make me feel like I have achieved greatly.

I feel like I should get some toothpicks and try and prize my eyes open. I am getting sleep and the baby is sleeping better at night and for longer, but I am on edge. I keep on thinking I hear the baby cry and of course don’t have that deep lovely sleep as I am always on call for the baby in the night. I also have showers and believe that the baby is screaming the house down when of course the place is dead quiet. I’m sure I am not the only one that does this.

Toothpicks that might be helpful in keeping my eyes open.

Toothpicks that might be helpful in keeping my eyes open.

My body is out of whack. My neck hurts and a good massage and hot bath is something that would be most welcome. Bring on the day spa experience….well I can dream can’t I.

Although he has been in pain and is out of sorts, he is still a very smiley and giggly little boy. Sometimes he does not know if he should laugh or cry when I am trying to help him with the pain of new teeth coming in.

I don’t know if it is a personality difference but the twins were not that bad when they were teething. They were in a bit of pain and discomfort but after taking the edge off with some painkillers they were right. Some cuddles, kisses and then they were off to bed and all was right. Our little boy seems to be upset all the time regardless of medication or sometimes cuddles. Is there a difference between how the sexes handle this? If you had a boy and then a girl were they different or the same when they got their first teeth?

I do really feel for him and how horribly painful it is. I am just very glad that he will not remember this experience. All I can do is to try and make him feel the pain less and to give him cuddles throughout the process. I’m not sure when he will get his first tooth but I hope it happens soon. The twins got theirs at about 4-5 months and some at 6 months.

It feels like there are few teeth wanting to make an appearance and it will be interesting to see what one happens first. I know the bottom teeth and the top ones are the teeth that generally happen first.

Have you had a week or two that whatever you plan or wish to do in the window of time you have to yourself you cannot get done? If so I feel your annoyance and I also understand that the little person is really needing you and me giving them hugs and attention at this upsetting time for them right now.

How did you get through your baby teething? Did you just give up on things around the house like I am doing? Did you have some help to get all the things done that need doing? Let us know.

Note: I am hoping that in the next few days he will settle down a bit so that will allow me to get stuck into the housework. You know when you get over it all and you clean angry. I find I get a lot done when I have this happen, especially when I need to throw out things, give items charity or just give things away.

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