Christmas Pressie Craft

Note: This post was created on November 9 2012 so the kids look much younger. This is still a great post to do for a cheap and one-of-a-kind gift.

Are you trying to cut costs?  Having Christmas presents to buy does not help with the already strained budget. What do you get everyone that doesn’t cost a lot of money?

What about a partially handmade (the decoration part is the handmade part) gift? My inspiration came from a Pin from Jodee Kulp on Pinterest, she posted about oven mitts that had been decorated by kids for relatives. Now that is a different gift that a relative would love and a cheap gift.

Chirstmas present making
The girls making Christmas presents

Now what is needed to do this craft exercise? 

  • I used oven mitts and pot holders as they came in a set, I got them for $3 each, so that was lucky. Make sure to pre-wash whatever you are using as they might shrink and you would not want your work of art to be ruined after a wash.
  • Fabric Paint – I used Permaset
  • Apron for the kids. Kids in clothes that if it gets dirty it does not matter/or if it is hot enough they can just have the apron on and that will save on the washing. The bottle says fabric paint washes out with water, but I would be careful.
  • Make sure to put a cover on the floor as I kept on putting my foot into the paint the kids kept on spilling. Not good as I wondered why there was paint in the kitchen but it was due to me walking there.
  • Newspaper/paper to line the table so you just need to chuck out the paper and not scrub the table.
  • After paint has dried from the oven mitts and pot holders you just need to iron it or add heat so that it sets to the fabric paint. I would advise putting a tea towel over the creation and then ironing it. After this is done according to the paint instructions it should be good to be washed but wash with like colours.
Busy creating
Busy creating

One tip: Due to the material being raised and not flat, the hand prints did not come out as I imagined.  Make sure to get material that is flat all over to ensure a better hand-print outcome.

Christmas Craft
Christmas Craft

The twins got messy and just had a great time with this activity.  Just be careful when kids help create presents for Christmas, they cannot keep a secret. My girls were telling Nana (my mum) that they were making presents for her and describing what it was. I then explained it was a secret and then both girls realised. Maybe you need to talk before you start the project that it is a secret and no one can tell until the present gets opened on Christmas day.

How about trying tea towels or T-shirts? Why not try this using fabric crayons you can have a drawing by one of the kids put on a t-shirt or tea towel.  I came across them when doing this post, have not found them but when I do will try them with the kids.

Do you make gifts for Christmas? If so what have you made?

Do the kids help you? If the kids have helped, have they shared the secret before the present was given? Send in your comments.

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  • nicole
    November 9, 2012

    You know, this post right here just reminded me I need to get started having the kids make somethings for their grandparents. Isn’t a gift passed from hand to hand just the sweetest of things…

    Stopping by to say “hi” and to follow you here. AND… to invite you to join me for An ALOHA Affair. It’s a truly unique chance to share your beautiful work with other bloggers and creative souls who are interested in growing in meaningful ways. ‘hope to see ya soon.


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