Kids and I had a big day out, off to get a check up for me, then off to centrelink to fill out forms and hand in paperwork, then off to the mail to check for more bills or letters, returned found book to library (Phew on that one), Went to Macca’s for lunch as a treat for the kids, then after lunch we went to Penrith to get shorts for daddy and to look around. Ended up getting new pj’s for the twins, singlets for the twins, three pairs of shorts for hubby (at a cheap price, they were marked down. Thank you Lowes), Some more shoes for the kids as they are growing and with winter they need sturdy shoes for being in the bush and winter. I even got a surprise for my cousin’s four month old twins thanks to Target.

After all that shopping and telling kids to stop touching things and to get out of the clothes racks, we went and looked the animals at the pet shop. After looking and some cute animals we found the car and drove home.  I am tired and glad that the kids were not mucking up too much. They did not go to bed straight away and were still up at 9pm chatting away. The time is 10:56pm and they are passed out. Lillian took her pillows so that she could sleep at the bottom of Julia’s bed. Do you think this means they will sleep in? I can only hope…. maybe I might get my wish?

Both kids are in their new pj’s and they are rather big considering the others they have, maybe I should have purchased the smaller size. I like to have a larger size in bed as it is nice to be not too confined, and I am sure they will grow into it. Maybe I can fix it up so they can let it out once they are bigger.

One win today was the fact that they messed up their room playing and called daddy and I in to see their room. I was worried as normally this means it is terrible and hours later we are still tidying it up, but it was not this time. Hold on to your seats. They tidied it all up and made their beds and put all teddies neatly on their beds for bed time. What good little girls. Maybe me making them tidy up after them is starting to kick in. I really hope so.

How has your day been? I am off to get into my pj’s and to go and brush my teeth before bed. I am looking forward to crashing my head on the pillow and passing out to nice dreams.

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PS. Skin check was clear, nothing to worry about, all normal. So great news considering I left it six years for this check up.

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