Birthday Surprises Sorted

Bulls Eye from Toy Story

Bulls Eye from Toy Story

I had to take the kids to the shop to get their mate a birthday present for his birthday party next week. While we were there both girls would not take their hands off toy story dolls, I have managed to get them some toy story plush dolls for their birthday however the ones in the shop were great, taller, spoke and were much more expensive, $69 each to be exact. I could not afford to get each kid a doll each and then all the stuff that came with them so I found the next best thing, Ebay and it was all sorted.

I was so happy that they wanted the dolls and hope they like the ones I have organized for them, I have got all the characters, Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, and Bulls Eye the horse.   Before I got the Ebay toy story dolls I sourced Bulls Eye the horse from Target but I got 2 horses so that each child can have a character on a horse, now all characters will have a horse so has worked out well and has not cost the earth. I feel very proud of my purchase and the fact it was not as expensive as all the stores were selling them for. Is it strange to want to be super proud of this shopping purchase, and skill to find a cheaper price? Oh well, I am! I am sure this happens to others as well not just me. Let me know if you feel like this once you organise something wonderful.

While at playgroup yesterday the kids were playing with Lego and asking about the one that they wanted (Lego Friends), I told them if they are good they might get it but it is very expensive so probably not right away. This was met with upset faces, and maybe at Christmas mummy???? Little do they know is that we have organised (we got them a big set of Lego Friends) what they want but the family is all going to put in for it so not to make so expensive for one person. They will be so excited to find that they are getting things they would like and I must say they are to be very spoilt as they are getting what they have asked for, not spoilt as we are not getting many things, just a few.

Since I was very lucky to win the blogging competition from I am able to take the kids to the Gold Coast for their birthday so we are not spending a lot here to maximize our trip in September.

Have you had moments in the shop where your kid/kids want the toy that you have already arranged for their birthday or Christmas? Have you had a secret smile on your face as you are getting excited to see their reaction, I know I am!

I am going to take the plush toys with us on our trip as the kids will celebrate their actual birthday while we are away. This way they will squish in the bag fine and they can have them to play with in the hotel room and on the way home from our trip. Plus it will be nice to give them an actual present on their real day.

What things have you organised secretly for your little ones?

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