Big Rock Candy Mountain

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Mummy to Twins was lucky to be sent a copy of the latest CD from Catherine Britt and Jay Laga’aia, “Big Rock Candy Mountain” to review.

So what type of songs is on the new CD I hear you ask? Well, the songs are the greatest American folk songs. Some tracks are ones that you don’t hear often, like “Home on the range”, “Don’t fence me in”, and “Little Liza Jane”.

The music is pleasant, upbeat and just a joy to listen to. Catherine Britt in “This land is your land” is reminiscent of Dolly Parton; well I think she sounds similar. I quite like folk songs especially when they are done well, and the vocals and music is just so tight.

Jay and Catherine work well on a cd together, there is not one song that they share vocals however they do their own songs. The listener does not notice as each song blends seamlessly into the other. It all just works so well.

My girls were very active today so thought a dance to some music might help them get some energy out. It was a good idea, as they danced like mad little things to “Skip to My Lou”, and “Campdown Races” and have sung and invented lyrics to “Yankee Doodle”. With the banjo playing in Campdown Races the girls did some interpretive dance and just jumped around laughing.

If you wish to have a CD that you can listen to as well as the kids this is it. It is great to have something that is not just for kids, could be for both. I also like the fact that it introduces kids to these songs.

Below is the breakdown of the tracks on the CD and who sings them:

1. Don’t Fence Me In – Catherine Britt
2. On Top Of Old Smokey – Jay Laga’aia
3. Skip to My Lou – Catherine Britt
4. Camptown Races – Jay Laga’aia
5. This Is Your Land – Cathering Britt
6. Deep In The Heart of Texas – Jay Laga’aia
7. Big Rock Candy Mountain – Catherine Britt
8. Home On The Range – Jay Laga’aia
9. Little Liza Jane – Catherine Britt
10. Oh! Susanna – Jay Laga’aia
11. Red River Valley – Catherine Britt
12. Yankee Doodle – Jay Laga’aia
13. You Are My Sunshine – Catherine Britt
14. Clementine – Jay Laga’aia
15. Casey Jones – Catherine Britt
16. Down In The Valley – Jay Laga’aia
17. Cotton Eye Joe – Catherine Britt
18. I’ve Been Working On The Railroad – Jay Laga’aia
19. John Henry – Catherine Britt
20. Polly Wolly doodle – Jay Laga’aia
21. She’ll Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain – Catherine Britt
22. Buffalo Gals – Jay Laga’aia
23. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot – Catherine Britt

So as Molly Meldrum always says, “Do yourself a favour” and check out the CD, get it, play it and enjoy. You can pick up a copy of Big Rock Candy Mountain at the ABC Online Shop; they deliver it so no need to leave the house.

What is your favourite song on this CD? Do your kids love dancing to your songs? Send in your comments.

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