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Is one of your kids or both forthright? Leads and is assertive? Mine are. I am making sure that I don’t say that the kids are bossy but I do make sure to get rid of  bad behaviour when it occurs (or at least try). Being assertive is one thing and leading is great, however being rude and hurtful is not acceptable.


I do agree that we label and tell girls in particular that they are bossier than boys. Do you find this? Did this impact you when you were at school or the workplace? I think this video is a great eye opener. Do you think if you were not told you were bossy your life might have been different? Maybe a CEO? Or a global entrepreneur earning billions? Well you never know right?

Labels matter, encourage girls to lead and let’s ban bossy! What you get told does affect you. Whether you get told you are bossy, stupid or something else. Building up your child is important and the words you say matter. Don’t bring them down build them up.



It’s o.k to be ambitious! Listen to your own voice. You can change the world.

Are you going to take the pledge at I did!

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