Are We Over Cushioned?


Last week I was listening to James Valentine on 702 ABC Radio, in a new part of the show called, “I don’t get it: Partner mysteries”. One caller, a man was ringing to explain his annoyance at the multiple cushions on the lounge. He lives with 3 daughters and his wife, so is surrounded by women and as he put it a lot of cushions.

When this man sits down on the lounge he removes the cushions, but has previously gotten into trouble that he never put the cushions back exactly the right way when he left.  This caller came up with a novel solution. He now takes a picture with his phone of how the cushions were placed and when he leaves looks at the picture and replaces the cushions. After hearing this tale, I could not help but laugh and laugh, it made my day hearing this.

The poor man that has to document how cushions are placed to avert trouble later. It is also a sad state of affairs that we have so many unecessary cushions that we have to constantly move them and put them back. Do we need that many cushions on lounges or beds?

Have you had this experience with putting things back that were just so before? Have you done what this male caller did, taking a picture so that you can replace it to the exact way it was before you moved it?  Thank god for iPhones and the like that allow you to take pictures for this purpose. Send in your comments.

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  • trish van baast
    December 30, 2012

    Yes I do wonder at the logic of piling pillows/cushions on the lounge and bed and constantly have to move them to sit or sleep. It seems its a fad that of course shops/manufacturers are quite happy to feed into. More useless stuff to spend our money on!

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