A Split Second Decision Saved Us Today


I had a thought last night that today was not going to be good.

My premonition was about me and the car.

I had a dream that I would have an accident and it would be bad. My instinct told me to stay at home and not to go anywhere.

One kid is sick, the other had to go to school and the baby of the family to childcare.

I couldn’t just stay at home.

I brushed off my feelings and just decided to be extra careful and hope that it was not true.

One of my girls helped  me drop off the baby to care and then we were on way to school.

I was at the lights about to turn right onto the highway. The lights turned green and I started to move the car to turn onto the main road.

In a spilt second I realised that it was not safe.

A HUGE truck was going fast, well fast is an understatement. I think the driver was going well over 100 km and was not stopping.

This truck went through the red light and actually seemed to speed up when it went through the lights.

This isn't the truck at fault but just an image of a truck. I needed one for the post.

This isn’t the truck at fault but just an image of a truck. I needed one for the post.

Now remember this was a quick decision I made.

I looked up and noticed that the lights were green. I started going and then stopped.

I could have been half way in between the roads and nearly merging onto the highway. If this was the case I and one of my daughters would have been in the path of this truck.

A truck that didn’t slow down.

A truck that would have hit us even if he braked to avoid us.

It made me thankful for reacting the way I did.

It made me question why I left the house and didn’t listen to my inner voice to stay home.

I couldn’t shake the terrible near catostphere that could have happened.

It could have been horrible. Me dead, my little girl dead and hubby left to pick up the pieces.

After a very tentative drive to school, I carefully deposited one child to the world of learning and then carefully drove back for an appointment.

You might think my near death experiences ended there…. I kid you not, they didn’t.

I was crossing the road and did this on a zebra crossing. While I was crossing the road an old man drove through it while I was walking on it. Yep, talk about dangerous! See I should have listened to my feelings about danger, and stayed in bed.

However this whole traumatic day got me thinking. What would have happened if we were in an accident.

One kid at home, one kid at childcare and if me and the other child were indeed hurt or needing help, who contacts the husband? How long would it take someone to know who to call or to let people know.

I started to panic about the what if’s.

I knew that hubby told me ages ago to put ICE with his number in my phone.

What is ICE?

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency. You put in someone that can be contacted in an emergency. Police, Ambulances and other emergency people know to look for this to help contact loved ones and alert people in emergencies.

I thought I did but of course never did. So today was the day. I have added ICE in my phone with hubby’s name, mobile number and place of work. Adding place of work I thought would help if he was not answering his mobile, they could ring the switch room and get a message to him.

For more info visit: http://incaseofemergency.org

My phone is password protected so I will make sure to do the screensaver as per the ICE website suggestion.

Put emergency contacts in your phone under the contact ICE - Incase of Emergency. Help out the emergency staff that are there to help you. Let them call your loved ones and tell them where you are.

Put emergency contacts in your phone under the contact ICE – Incase of Emergency. Help out the emergency staff that are there to help you. Let them call your loved ones and tell them where you are.


I’m very happy and grateful that we are okay. I am exhausted and have been replaying the whole event over and over in my head.

It was a split second decision.

One that I am glad I made. If I kept on going I don’t think I would be here, and either would one of my girls.

Our light was green. We had the right to go. This still meant nothing when a truck zooms or more like breaks the speed of light going through a red light.

It has made me think all day about how things can change so quickly. A decision not to stop or a decision to go, maybe I should have just stayed home.

On a lighter note

I was very happy that both my beautiful girl and I are still breathing and we are all okay. We are fine.

I decided to put on a lottery ticket to see what might happen. Some numbers were picked due to today, as I think the universe is trying to tell me something. Not sure if it is saying take care or something else.

I’m sure the universe gave me the warning for a reason and I have been listening.

Wish me luck on the lottery tickets, I picked some numbers from today and then did an auto pick. Maybe the universe can decide on my winning numbers too.

Do you sometimes have dreams or visions of a warning of some kind, be it a car accident, or falling and hurting yourself or something different? Have you listened to these dreams that are trying to tell you something?

I think I should have just stayed at home. Next time I will!

If you had a close call like I did, what happened? I hope you are all okay and that all ended up fine.

I know that we are all good and things are not an issue but I am still on edge due to the freaky incident this morning. I think my body has freaked out and I’m exhausted now.

A drink and a lie down is in order.

This drink and a lie down has to be put on hold until tonight though (need to be a responsible parent and pick up kids)

I hope this helps you know to add an emergency contact under ICE in your phone contacts and maybe do the wallpaper on your phone with the details if your phone is password protected.

Thanks for reading, this mumma is going to have a cup of tea and a good rest before I pick up kids again.

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