Congratulations on getting to the website for Julia & Lillian’s 11th Birthday Party,
you might be one of the few that have used the QR code!

(Well done for investigating further, and perfect for a Minecraft Quest)


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So what will be getting up to?

We are going to be playing a game of ten pin bowling and then off to a lively game of laser tag.


Food and nibbles

Food will be coming for all kids at the party.

I didn’t get a platter for the parents. If you wish there is a cafe/kiosk on site where you can purchase a little something to eat or if your child is not a huge eater you can nibble on their food.

I will be making a birthday cake and this will be served during the allocated 2 and a half hour party time.


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Times for the party

It is a 2 and half hour party. The start time is officially at 1pm, but I have been told that it is best to be there 15  mins earlier. So that is why I’ve listed to be there for 12.45pm for a 1pm start.

What to bring with you

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes as we will be racing around with laser tag, arcade games and also bowling.

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You will need socks to bowl so make sure you wear them or pack them with you.


What type of things are the twins interested in?

The following might be of assistance for presents if you are stuck. We don’t have a big house and the kids have a lot of things so little items would be best.

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  • Minecraft
  • Harry Potter
  • Books – adventure, graphic novels, science fiction, and funny stories.
  • Craft – Drawing, painting and anything creative. A simple art book and some art pencils would be amazing (they do have a few pencils already so maybe just a few or just 1 or 2 special ones)
  • Games that the girls can play together or with friends are always a good idea too.
  • Anything that has STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths)
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Anything fun is great and the kids will love it,  and I am sure you will pick something amazing.  As said we are not fussed and looking forward to seeing you at the party to celebrate the girls turning 11.


Well done again for finding the page with more info about the twins’ party. Oh, and did you find all the Minecraft eggs on the page? Once you’ve collected them all you get taken to a message from the twins.


Looking forward to seeing you at the celebration for the girls turning 11