What do I want for 2023


Today is the first day of the new year. It is a day that is set with possibilities, opportunities, and new adventures for what is to come in 2023.

New Year, New Goals
New Year, New Goals…. busy thinking of all the possibilities for 2023

For a while now I have felt exhausted. Yes, constant tiredness will not go away. I recently read an article that mentioned this tiredness, the article is ‘Bit of a slow boil’: how to rethink the last few years of pandemic stress and from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Oscillating between thinking about your last few years as traumatic or challenging and joyous – “it was good, but bad, but good, but bad” – creates both physical and psychological stress, says Professor Ian Hickie, a co-director at The University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre.

‘Bit of a slow boil’: how to rethink the last few years of pandemic stress, Syndey Morning Herald, By Samantha Selinger-Morris, December 30, 2022.

I believe the need to be constantly on the go for work, kids and many other things means that there is not a lot of downtime. Even when I find that you have time to not do something it gets railroaded by others needing something. This lack of rest and racing everywhere means that your brain and body is never at rest.

As I think about what I would like to achieve in 2023 one major thing on my list is some quality down time for me. This time will allow me to really recharge and to relax.

2022 was a good and bad year, I got COVID in May, was happy to be a finalist for the Fresh Content Awards, was able to attend the awards night for the Fresh Awards, had to pay out big money to replace a heater, got COVID for the second time on Christmas Eve, missed out on a family trip to Dubbo due to being ill, and then finally on December 30th our TV died while watching a movie! We have purchased an expensive replacement for our new TV and that will be delivered in the next few days. What a way to end 2022, more money to spend on a HUGE ticket item.

How’s this for when your TV decides to stop working?
Hubby and I were watching the Knives Out movie (The first one, we did watch the second in the series first, “Glass Onion” but then learned that it was the sequel so had to watch the first one) and it was just when they said we know who the murderer is and it is……. then the TV turned off and was not able to be switched back on. We had to finish off the movie via my laptop. The next day the TV still didn’t turn on, so we were right to get the replacement (hopefully will be able to fix the old one soon).

What would I like to achieve in 2023

  • Build my blog – more content
  • New looking website
  • Time alone
  • A holiday somewhere amazing
  • Career growth
  • Time to write my book/s
  • Get fitter and be healthier
  • Nice fun with family

Here is some inspiration for new year goals and how to make them attainable

Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound) goals is important and ones that are truly attainable. Learn more about how to set SMART goals below.

What are you wanting to acheive in 2023?


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