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The girls successfully have completed their first week at pre-school. They both had a great time, however Julia took a bit of work to get organised in the mornings to get out the door. Julia decided that she did not like her shirt, shoes, did not want her hair brushed and dealt with this by falling down in the hallway screaming and crying. Once out the door and at school she was fine. I am thinking it is due to the new schedule and the change from childcare to pre-school. I could be wrong, she was doing this before, and so it could just be a stage.

Today was the first day not at school this week so we all went to playgroup. It was a wonderful change in the weather to have blue skies and sunshine and currently still do. Crossing fingers it lasts more than a day. Due to the good weather, I have done about 3 loads of washing, clothes are on the line and we all walked to playgroup. Well, mummy walked the girls were in the pram. Although the girls are big enough to walk, it is easier to take the pram. The girls end up getting tired and I cannot carry everything with me. When we go, I bring their potties as there is only one toilet, what to do if someone is in it and one of the girls or both need to go? So I take our own. Better to be organised.

The other mums were asking me, and the girls how they went at pre-school this week. Anna asked Julia and Lillian, and then Lillian said, “It is too easy”.  I thought that was very funny coming from them as this is the first week at the new school, however on Wednesday the teachers were giving them tasks to learn about the colours or at least see if they know them. Both girls know all their colours so it was no big thing for them. They were also asked to put a pink block tower back together once the teacher took it apart.  They had water play, painting and collage. So at this stage it is possibly easy. Not sure what else is in store for them this term, but I am sure there will be other things that they have never done, that won’t be “too easy”. Or maybe it is for them, who knows, we will see.

Yesterday Julia wanted to put her seat belt on in the car all by herself, and gets annoyed when it does not happen. She ends up twisting the straps so it makes it impossible to get it clicked in place no matter who long she struggles with it. She gets in such a mood that I cannot show her how to sort the straps out. She does not want me to touch it as that is considered mummy fixing it and she wants to do it. She yells, screams and cries, “I want to do it, me, let me!!!”, however you cannot just stand there for hours waiting for a seat belt to be done up. Lillian the other day has figured it out.  It does not help that she says proudly “I did it”.

The new pre-school fosters independence which is good, but as Julia had this breakdown with the seat belt 3 times yesterday I was so over independence. Just let me do it, so that we can get going. It is a pity that the mood she gets in she will not listen to what I am saying, I am happy that she tries to do it, however I need to show her how and then I am happy to watch her do it, but not when it is all wrong and never going to work.

Both girls are now able to get in and out of the pram themselves. They can put their seat belts on and Lillian can take her’s off as well. Julia can put it on but has some trouble getting it off, this will change in time. It is nice that you can tell the girls to go into the pram and get their seat belts on and they do. Very relaxing indeed.

Let’s hope that school is “too easy” for the girls, and they do well. This might change when they move to big school in 2014, or at least to harder concepts at the pre-school.

Does your child want to do things by themselves? Is it easy for them or do they struggle? Are they doing some things better than others? How do you manage with the child/children trying to do things themselves when you need to be out the door for an appointment? I usually take over if I need to be somewhere and deal with the tantrums and screams.

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