Time Out Idea: Kids Sleep Over With Family


After the twins birthday party, I was asked by their Great Aunt if we would be happy for the kids to have a sleep over at their place. I said that sounded fine, checked with hubby and he thought that would be a nice idea. She mentioned that this will allow us to have a break and for her to catch up with the kids.

Little did I know was that it was not just one night that she was thinking about, in fact it would be two nights and we would have the ENTIRE weekend to ourselves. To make it even better, the kids are being dropped off some time on the Monday…Yes, they are coming home Monday so we get to do whatever we want on the whole weekend!

The kids bags are packed. Ready to go to their sleep over tomorrow.

The kids bags are packed. Ready to go to their sleep over tomorrow.

I did think she had mistaken this coming weekend for the October Long Weekend and had to check. She told us the dates, 27th and the 28th of Sept, so we booked a hotel in the city for us for the Saturday thinking it was just one night. It gets hard with hubby’s work being away on a Sunday so Saturday is still good enough for us.

This sudden weekend by ourselves took us by surprise and got me thinking… Do your kids have a sleep over at relatives? I do understand that if they are too young this might not be possible, but if they are older it might be a great idea.

Holidays are tough when you have to keep the kids entertained and seem like you are always on the go with no rest. Kids visiting with relatives is great as they can learn from them, catch up, have adventures and just have fun with other people. I have found that on the odd time that the twins have slept over their Great Aunt’s they have had a wonderful time.

Lillian especially has been so excited she has packed multiple bags with so many things ready for tomorrow. All their bags are packed with my help today. I am not sure exactly what they have packed, but I think there are many toys, a music box, their perfume, and other important items that must go with them. It was so cute that she raced off to get it all done and her sister then helped get all the extra bags. I wonder what their Great Aunt will find when they unpack?

So I put it to you…

Are you able to have the kids/child sleep over at a relatives? It does not have to be for the entire weekend, one night is ample at times. The kids are so looking forward to their “two night sleep over” as they are calling it. They are looking forward to having adventures and being on their own with family, without mummy and daddy. They are saying how big they are now they are six.

This was unexpected and not planned, but it is going to be lovely…. Me Time, Us Time, sleeping in…. No one asking me to make them breakfast, well at least not till Tuesday.

It might be something to think about organising for next holidays or just the weekend? Start small and I am sure you will love the extra YOU time. It is also a cheap idea of the kids going somewhere without breaking the bank (Assuming you are in the same state and not too far away. If you are not that close it might not be possible)

Let us know if your kids have regular sleep overs with family members? What are their favourite parts of the trip or getaway? Send in your comments.

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  • Mama Carmody
    September 28, 2014

    In our family, I am the Great-Aunt that gets to have the little one over for the night (or weekend). We have been keeping our great-nephew, on occasion, since he was just over a year old. We always have so much fun together. He usually brings a bag with some clothes but when his mom tries to pack food or toys he tells her that he doesn’t need them. We have lots of stuff for him to do when he gets here. We enjoy the time with him as much as his mom enjoys a brief break.

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