The Oscar Slap


I have a lot of time for Will Smith, I think he is down to earth, he speaks his mind and does what he believes. Plus I like his films too.

However, I was sad to see his emotions got the better of him and he reacted to a joke (well not funny but some might call it a joke) from Chris Rock.

Chris Rock referenced Will’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith about being in the new GI Jane due to her hair loss. Not funny really, not at all.

Chris Rock reacts to being hit by Will Smith.(AFP: Robyn Beck)

Will then got up on stage and punched or slapped Chris Rock, and then said a few times, “keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth!”

Jada Pinkett Smith (Will’s wife) has been very open about having alopecia, which is a condition that causes drastic hair loss. It is one thing to be open about a condition to help others and to show that it shouldn’t impact your life and it is another thing to have that condition used as a joke.

Even though Jada is open about having alopecia. I bet the loss of her hair has been hard for her. As a person, you are conditioned to have certain things and when some are not there anymore it is confronting, scary, and upsetting. Especially for a person who is in the public eye, looks are important and the loss of her hair would be a huge upset. I get it. I am upset about a few things at the moment too and I would hate for them to be suddenly made fun of so publicly.

Yes, I know Jada has told the world. She did this to show that she was okay, she was dealing with it and giving others comfort if it is happening to them too. At least they are not alone. It was not for ridicule, it was to empower others.

I do understand when you are so angry you just react. Many comedians are now wondering who will be the next Will Smith? Will anybody now want to come on stage and punch a comedian? Will this be the new thing to do if you get angry or annoyed at a bad joke?

I do agree that what Chris Rock said wasn’t on, and when you think of it he could have said other funny things that didn’t attack someone else’s illness. However, Will shouldn’t have jumped on stage and whacked Chris Rock for saying what he said. Maybe a quiet word off stage later would have been sufficient?

After this incident, Will Smith was then awarded the Best Actor for his role as Richard Williams. The father of tennis champions Serena and Venus Williams in King Richard. It was great that Will won the Oscar as it was well deserved for his portrayal of Richard Williams, however after the incident with Chris Rock the oscar will not be what people are talking about, it will be the fact he punched Chris Rock, end of the story. Will apologised to his fellow nominees and the academy but not Chris Rock.

I think it was nice Will stood up for his wife, but it was the wrong time and the wrong place. As mentioned he could have addressed this issue afterward in a better way and with no punching and not making him the headline when the headline should be Will Smith wins his first Oscar!

What are your thoughts?

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