Random Window Cleaning Might Be A Thing


I was eating a late breakfast (or maybe known as lunch due to the hour I was eating) at a local café, and then a man came in and started washing the windows.

Was he supposed to do this?

Did the café know that he was cleaning their windows? Maybe they did?

Maybe he has a contract/agreement to come by once a week to make the glass sparkle?

This made me think of the window washers you see at traffic lights; these window washers wash your window and ask for money afterward.  Sometimes they are nice and when you say no that is fine, other times they wash your windscreen and demand money for the job done.

What if the washing windscreens at traffic lights was transported into the business world?  Well not windscreens in business but HUGE Windows, or just normal ones depending on where your business is located.

Like this man at the café washing the windows and politely leaving after he was finished, what if someone suddenly showed up at any business and washed the windows and asked for payment?

What would you think? Would you as a business be pleased with the incentive shown??? Or would this be annoying?

If people just showed up and cleaned windows, they would need to be compensated.  Right? How would this happen if they were not supposed to be there in first place.

If you have mysterious window cleaners do a job that wasn’t agreed to, and then demand money that might get awkward and possibly frustrating.

Admittedly I loved my idea of people just randomly showing up and cleaning windows.  I giggled to myself while having a bizarre idea of many managers being troubled by how to deal with this weird occurrence.

Would you like the fact that someone just shows up to clean your windows? Would you pay someone if they were not contracted for this job?

I hate cleaning windows so maybe this might be a good fit if someone decided they love it.

This could be a brilliant business idea and surprise and help many…what do you think?

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