Packing Lightly? What a laugh!


When you have a baby you need to bring all the things a baby would need with you. Bottles, nappies, change of clothes with many options depending on the weather, medicine, cream and the list continues. If you have more than one baby, which we did it does feel like you are packing to never to return to your house ever again, this of course is due to the large amount of stuff that is needed.

Upon talking with my cousin who has recently had twin boys last year she is dealing with the same thing. Packing like you are off on a permanent holiday but if you were going on holiday the babies things would not be the only thing that would be packed, TRUST ME!

After having this conversation I have realised that I don’t take anything with me anymore, I don’t even have band aids in the car in case of emergency (Need to fix this! – Dora the explorer band aids or anything pink and princesses will come in handy, it fixes everything) Today one of my girls grazed her bottom on a ride at the park and it was a big deal, tears and all. It would have hurt a great deal. A nice lady gave her a Dora band aid and asked where it hurt. She pulled down her trousers and told her to put it on her bottom. What a cutie and so sad to see her in pain. She is all right now, but think it will be sore tomorrow. At least the power of the Dora band aid will help, thank you Megan for helping us today.

Now the girls are four and soon to be five, I have found myself out and about without a change of clothes, wipes, medicine, and of course the much needed band aid. The band aid is the one that is most requested as they are at the stage of falling over and getting as many scrapes and bruises possible. I do think it is a competition. One child hurts themselves then the other does the same injury in the same spot. If you have twins have you noticed this? The girls have done this since they were born.

Do you have multiples or just more than one child? How much stuff did you carry around when they were babies or are they still? Are you like me and not going out with much now they are older? Has this created more issues? I have been caught with the kids all wet from water play at playgroup, thank god the house is around the corner and was able to pop back and get a change of clothes.

I hope you are not a pack horse when you leave the house, I felt like one, and I am sure dealing with more than one child does that to you. Send in your stories.

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2 Responses
  • MishMashMamma
    April 25, 2013

    I am the same! I used to pack our ‘big bus’ as we called it full to the brim (with 2 moses baskets, 2 boxes of nappies, creams, wipes, cotton wool, clothes, medication, first aid kits, sterilizers, bottles, formula, nappy bags, etc. etc!!) whenever we went away with the twins, but now I even forget to take tissues when we are out and about! 🙂

  • Mama Carmody
    May 2, 2013

    My kids are grown but I still pack a bunch if I’m going to be gone long. I have blood sugar issues and I’m trying to lose weight so I carry my healthy snacks with me. Also, something I told my girls about bandages so I wasn’t constantly putting them on little scrapes. I explained to my girls that a scab is God’s bandage and God’s knows WAY more about healthy bandages that we do. Now, I’m not talking about hurts that are actually bleeding but a lot of time kids (at least my kids) just wanted the bandage more than they really NEEDED a bandage and this helped cut down on them.

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