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Kids are now back at school and having a fab time. YES! Thank goodness you hear me say! I think I need another two weeks to be at the same energy and speed I was at before school holidays. Do you find you need some weeks to yourself as your little holiday? I know I do!

Just between you and me, there have been more than a few times that I did deep breathing and relaxation exercises to chill myself out.  Holidays are always full on in my house. Kids want to go at a million miles an hour and never seem to get tired. They wake earlier and carry on till late and then repeat it all again the next day. Exhausting really! Why is it that they can sleep in on school days but not holidays or weekends? If you know let me know!

I did love lazing about at home with no particular thing to do or be at. No school lunches to make and I did not have to race off to pick kids up from anything. This was great, but there was one thing that I missed and dread on school holidays.

It is some quiet time for me!  I do love some time out with no noise, yelling, fighting and carrying on that allows me to just do my thing. I can think, I can just sit with my own thoughts for a while. Being on the go constantly takes its toll. Just having a little time alone is a help. 

Meditating with Body Beyond Birth

Meditating with Body Beyond Birth

So what did I do that helped a bit?

As you know I have participating in the Body Beyond Birth 12 week program. I have struggled with a sore eye and of course then school holidays, but I did manage to do some wonderful meditation videos. These left me feeling much calmer than before I did the mediation and armed to face the rest of my day.

If you have not looked at Body Beyond Birth, why not take a look at their brilliant website and all the great resources there. The program is fun and you can take it with you if you travel.

What allowed you to get through the school holidays calmer? Did you manage to find time for you? Exercise or see a mate that you love to chat to? Let us know.

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