Jumping into Puddles


Today I am choosing to jump into puddles, and by this, I mean to embrace adventure and challenges.

Don’t sit back and wait to do something. Take hold of things you wish to do, and get involved in life rather than sit back and be a sightseer.

Unicorn is very wise and if you chose to jump into puddles and embrace life you don’t miss out, and of course have fun too.

My advice is coming from a unicorn and this unicorn is a very wise one indeed.

Don’t think that jumping into puddles is all you can do. Be brave and try new things!

Unicorn is embracing life and jumps into puddles.

You might have seen my post introducing you to the book, “Be A Unicorn & Live Life on the Bright Side”.

Are you going to be jumping in puddles? Let me know what you are doing to embrace more adventure?

More life advice from the very clever and fun unicorn soon.

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