I don't feel like I'm winning


Why is it when you think of doing something, you then think of the other thing that you need to do? Currently I am finding it hard to juggle, I know I can, and I can do it. However mentally you seem to never really get to complete things. I have stated this before, life before kids was easy. If you wanted to do a task, you get up early and just do it. No interruptions or issues. Now I have other priorities.

Namely the first two are my girls, and then how to keep them entertained without spending a fortune. Play dough, parks, playgroup, going for walks, reading, watching films, and visiting friends come to mind. However after all this activity and action out of the house, who feels like cleaning or doing chores.  Not me!  Do you?

Today for example, the girls got up at about 7am, used to be around 8-8.30am, but daylight savings ending and the wakeup call for school has changed things.  I did think that with no school this might change, but not the case.

Activities that kept kids entertained were:

  • Played with them.
  • Watched a movie.
  • Did a puzzle.
  • Played in the backyard while I hung out some laundry.
  • Play dough fun.
  • Took pictures and video on my mobile phone – this was good to a point. Then Julia dropped my phone, I think on purpose as I wanted it back. It is unhurt, and will live to see another day. Very pleased with that.
  • Danced to music.
  • Did some gardening – the girls helped daddy and mummy plant some bulbs, cannot wait to see them in spring.
  • As the girls were dirty from gardening they had a bath.

You now see why I get tired from the entertainment, it is a big list. Do you have a list that is like mine, or are there more things on your list.

What made matters worse for the day was discovering drawing on the wall, cupboard, and fitted sheet of Lillian’s bed (on the wall was a picture of a person with four eyes and weird arms and legs, and the same type of thing on the fitted sheet). The girls managed to have pens in their room and decided they wanted art on the wall. I only discovered this when I went into tidy the room and get clothes ready for their bedtime. The pens have been removed and all offending items quarantined.

My first choice for removing pen from the wall, and cupboard was not working; however Jif Lemon Cream Cleanser was the winner. It worked a treat. The pen is all but gone and if you look closely you might see a mark or two but it is a great result.

Once girls were in bed, Julia and Lillian wanted their favourite book, “Where Is The Green Sheep, by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek.”  Julia loves to read it to you, however you have to make sure Lillian gets a turn, she is just as good as Julia, however is happy to let Julia do the reading.  It is so cute to see them both read it to you, and then say in a big happy voice, “Where is the green sheep?”

So now I have some time, I really don’t feel energized to do any of my things on the to-do list. I am sure it can wait until tomorrow.  The activities for the day have done there magic, as no noise is coming from the girls room and they looked so tired. The same could be said for mummy and daddy; l personally am looking forward to bed.

Do you find that by the time, you get time for you; you cannot be bothered with your plans? Does this annoy you? I for one, am looking forward pre-school starting again, bring on the 23rd of April.  How do you deal with entertaining your kids/child? I am sure I am not the only one that feels like this, I am winning, but there are times and days when I just feel like I have failed. Send in your comments. Remember to vote for us for Best Australian Blog

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  • trish van baast
    April 16, 2012

    Even without children, it is hard to stay on track especially when it is something that you don’t like doing ie housework or something that you put in the ‘difficult basket’. I know that I’m an expert procrastinator. After many years practise, I have it down to a fine art and as much as I hate deadlines, sometimes it is the only thing that will make me get down to what I really need to do. You are not alone. One thing I have learnt is that the hardest part of a job is the starting of it!

    • Suzanne
      April 16, 2012

      Hi Trish, Yes I agree, most of it is just starting and I have done little bits here and there. I did the living room again today, the kitchen and managed to do 20mins jogging on the Wii Fit. Just feel like I need to finish some of the jobs I have started and spend more time on others. It is a compromise on what you do and your time. Suzanne.

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